Lexus to Debut New Concept at Geneva Motor Show

Lexus Geneva Booth 2015

Lexus has announced that a new concept will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Details are nonexistent right now, here’s the full quote from the Lexus Europe press release:

Finally, during the Lexus press conference, a new Lexus concept will have its World Premiere.

Lucky for us, Auto Express did speak to someone at Lexus:

But when asked about a successor to the £340,000 supercar appearing, a Lexus spokesman said that “couldn’t be further from the truth”. He went on to describe the new concept as “range-oriented” rather than an exclusive supercar built in small numbers. Whatever the “future-facing” concept is, its design will influence the firm’s models in the years to come.

(Why Auto Express would ever think this new concept was a next-generation LFA is beyond me.)

The “range-oriented” quote is a clue, however minor. It’s a curious phrase to use — I read it to mean a concept based on an existing model, but it could easily mean any number of things. It does appear to rule out a real-life model of the LF-LC GT concept from Gran Turismo though.

It’s also worthwhile pointing out that the reveal will happen in Europe — this makes me question an RX concept, as the model is much more popular in North America.

No matter the concept, one thing’s for sure — Lexus is firing on all cylinders right now, and the pace just keeps picking up.

[Source: Lexus Europe & Auto Express]