EVO Comparison: Lexus RC F vs. BMW M4 vs. Audi RS 5

Lexus RC F BMW M4 Audi RS5

EVO has a new article comparing the Lexus RC F, BMW M4, and the Audi RS 5. It’s a long read and a little weak in its conclusion, but worth the time and effort.

Lucky for us, someone uploaded it to Imgur — I recommend following that link for readability’s sake, but I’ve also included it below:

The comparison seems to follow a path similar to other recent reviews — the M4 is the more capable car in the hands of a professional, but the RC F is more accessible and easier to drive every day.

Let’s be honest though, more important than the actual article is this photo of the Lexus RC F flying through the air:

Lexus RC F Flying

[Source: EVO] (Thanks Gecko!)