Video: The Lexus RC Four-Wheel Steering System

Lexus RC Driving Footage

There’s a new video from Lexus International demonstrating the four-wheel steering system offered on the RC:

As a bonus, here’s some driving footage of the RC — pretty cool stuff:


  1. Very impressive, isn't this on the GS also?
    • That's my question. It is, but I believe 4WS is available only on AWD GS models. I wonder if that is the case for the RC. I wonder if the RC F has this, too! I wonder if 4WS kills powerslides. :P
  2. I am only seeing a green screen on these videos but the music is playing flash version problem??
  3. Why are the cool wheels on the RC and the RC-F gets the ugly ones?
  4. MT

    The RC-F doesn't get the rear steering. I guess too much power. I wonder if the 300h will get it or if it is 350 only.