More Photos of the Starfire Pearl Lexus RC 300h

Lexus CRAFTED LINE Interior

After the request for more photos of the Starfire Pearl RC 300h, Japanese Lexus enthusiast Yuki Okada sent in this image gallery:

This RC 300h is currently on display at the Lexus Midland Square showroom in Nagoya.


  1. That GT-One in background. <3
  2. I love it the Rims are just perfect for this RC coupe.
  3. One unique element is the integrated fog light.
  4. This is nice, but the F sport is hands down the best model!
  5. It's got an athletic stance!!! I love oh darn!!
  6. Joe

    Visible exhaust pipes on a hybrid version? That's interesting... :-)
  7. Doesn't those "vents" on the rear side bumper look like bear paws?