Photo Gallery: Lexus NX in Japan

Lexus NX Japan Response

Japanese website Response has an excellent photo gallery of the Lexus NX:

(The NX is destined to be a huge hit in Japan — dealerships in the country have already taken 6,500 preorders.)



  1. Great photos, although I feel that the front plate really takes away from the spindle/front end design
  2. That front grille and bumper..... damn you CAFE regulations!!!!! i have a feeling after the first 2 years, they going to bring that european spec bumper to america as an package or limited edition or something. An example would be scion frs for instance. They brought the special and limited edition to america with led driving lights and better interior. It looks just like the toyota gt86 but we get with a scion badge. Maybe they will do this with nx i hope? Should i wait? Lol
  3. just those gaps between the tyre and the body, they just ruin the whole beauty.
  4. Fsport all the way
  5. I applaud all the support from those who preorder a car, but I think doing so is very bold. My best assumption is that the pre-production vehicle available for test drives was that amazing.