Video: Sounds of the Lexus LFA & McLaren 12C

Lexus LFA & McLaren 12C

What would it be like closing off a mountain road just to drive the Lexus LFA & McLaren 12C ? Wheels Australia did just that:


  1. LFA over the MP4 any day of the week. How LFA is able to carve through those tight mountain roads is simply mind blowing. A lot more exciting and soulful car with the most amazing sound ever to have come out of an engine.
  2. The LFA 1000% for sure . I mean the LFA was developed 10 to 11 years ago and its the #BEST supercar in the road with the #BEST sound off all time... (opinion) On the other hand the MP4 is a nice car and maybe its a little faster!!... but heeey because its a NEW supercar. . Lets imagine Lexus made the (LFA II) with short period of time and developed within 2 to 3 years ... I'm sue 1000% its going to be the #BEST supercar in the WORLD!
  3. Nothing has the precision of a Lexus!
  4. It's hard to beat the sound of the LFA right now, I think it'll be a while for something to come close to that sound.
  5. MD

    MP4 sounds like a 4 banger Honda Civic with a deep cold air intake next to the incredible and intense F1 racing car sound of the Lexus LFA. Even though, the LFA was not revving to redline, but it sounds just unreal. Sad thing is, the McLaren P1 sounds just as bad as the MP4.
  6. MD

    Saw it on clublexus. It was posted there two days ago by 05RollaXRS
  7. That LFA music... OMG!
  8. Ray

    LFA wins!!! Two thumbs up. Do you guys notice Mclaren dashboard? It looks cheap. LFA, on the other hand, looks upscale.
  9. The LFA is god
  10. Long live the true F1 sound in the LFA. Nothing comes close to it.
  11. Lexus LFA in its full glory here. The sound is simply epic here. MUST LISTEN: Also, LFA rips through the Goodwood race track and sets a lap time of 0:53. That is the same lap time the $2 million 800 HP Mclaren P1 put down. Remember, LFA is now over 6 years old and it still puts down the topmost lap times. Lexus LFA destroying a supercharged Ariel Atom on the Top Gear race track