Video: Interview with Lexus RC Designers

Lexus RC Key Person Interview

Here’s a new video interview with Lexus RC designer Yasuo Kajino and color designer Yoichiro Kitamura, the man responsible for the RC’s Infrared exterior color:


  1. Joe

    Fantastic color ! Can't wait to discover the RC...
  2. just please get rid of the ill-placed fog lights - they make no sense where they are and interfere with the flow of the grill line.
    • there is nothing wrong with those fog lights, infact i love them. stop complaing, soon everybody is going to be doing fog lights like that, copying lexus
  3. Infrared can easily be mistaken by Matador Red Mica, but MRM has a very slight hint of "brown" in comparison. Nice color, but not my favorite on the RC - prefer Silver or USB.
  4. The RC looks REALLY good in that picture for some reason. Still kinda stuck on those fog lights... Does someone want to just photoshop one without fog lights integrated in the grille just to show us? That'd be really cool, thanks.
    • lol those are very good LED fogs, unique to lexus. I garantee you hyndai/kia is going to be first to copy them. I love them, i sugest you get used to them because soon u will see them in a BMW and you wont complain
  5. I would do Fsport or F.
  6. MT

    Those are the best foglights i have seen ever!
  7. The Non F sport version looks amazing