Launch Video: Introducing the Lexus NX

Lexus NX Launch Video

Lexus has publicly debuted the all next NX compact crossover at the Beijing Motor Show, and here’s the official launch video:

Balancing footage of the vehicle with a healthy dose of lifestyle imagery, there’s a heavy focus on physical activity — love the inclusion of parkour, it’s a perfect fit for this vehicle.

More shortly!


  1. So no NX 350?
  2. JZK

    it has so much potential but is holding back by a few details: why such small wheels? and long overhang especially for F-sport?
  3. Lexus 2.0t ______235 hp / 258 ft-lbs Audi 2.0t________220 hp / 258 ft-lbs BMW 2.0t_______240 hp / 255 ft-lbs Mercedes 2.0t____241 hp / 258 ft-lbs
  4. The actual released HP number is 235, and 194 for the 300h hybrid. I'm expecting the base price to be right on top of the class sales leader Acura RDX, at just a hair under $35k. I'm guessing it will follow the ES in charging more for the hybrid, but the value shows it should cost the same, with less power and more efficiency. Loaded versions should max out around $45-47k for the 200t..... BD
  5. "OK, let's work on a Sunday, Easter Time, it's for something special ! " Some manager at Lexus should have this figured out (they work on Sundays). But anyway, what a beautiful Easter gift this is !
    • I don't think it was all Lexus's fault. But rather the timing of the Beijing Motor Show. And I suppose it was probably more sensitive than releasing it on Good Friday or Easter Monday.
  6. Amazing..on my way this morning to work for LEXUS at the NYIAS...looking forward to seeing it in person and then OWNING one this fall...NX200t FSPORT for me!
  7. So, acura has the rdx and Infiniti has the ex in this segment? Lexus is going to crush them as usual!