More Photos of the Black Lexus RC F

Lexus RC  F in Black

More photos of the black RC F in California arrived in my inbox today, this time from Lexus Enthusiast friend Guy from Endles Automotive:

Lexus RC F Black Wheel Back

Lexus RC F Black Wheel Front

Lexus RC F Black Rear

With the car stationary, we get a good look at a new set of previously unseen optional wheels — what do you think of the new design?

(Thanks Guy!)


  1. I can't get a good look at the stance because of the shadow. From these pics it look a bit high off the ground. The wheel gap on these current optional wheels is kinda BIG. It looked good then on the stop light pic, yikes. May need to go up to 20" if they are 19"s.
    • Crux, your pointing out one of Lexus's all time great flops. Like you I just want it to look right; and Lexus left us with no 'proper' way to lower their cars... I cant speak to the new models as we all know perform fantastic now but my guess is things haven't changed. If you want to lower the car you have to either get cheap springs that mess up the alignment or pay a ton for coil overs and completely change the stance. Its funny because yeah the wheel gap is awful on this car but looks traditionally standard for Lexus. LOL
  2. The problem in color !! The new design is very gorgeous , but the black zone around the exhaust in rear must be in different color , thus the black color is unseemly to the RC F !!
  3. Looks fantastic!
  4. Looks like a POS. Not a good look at this car. Looks a mess honestly... panel gap weird front wheel gap missing center caps different color body panels. The front wheels seem as tho they need spacers in the last pic ?? Those wheels design look cheesy and ugly.. i have only seen one good looking rim design so far and that the one being showed on the car everywhere.
    • This has to be a test car because it looks like a POS
    • Bro cant you tell this is a Mule? Both front and rear bumpers are clearly unpainted molds and yeah I think those are actually 18" rims which is a complete joke on this car. I think they are trying out the new RCF AWD here... LOL
  5. Are these optional wheels official? because they look horrible!!!
  6. Wheels look small. I can bet they are 18 inch wheels. Definitely too small for the wheel wells.
  7. The colour not looking good
  8. I think the wheels size and fender gap is deceiving. Wheels could be a larger diameter sure, but I think what's making them look small is the width of the wheels. The rear side view shows they're sunk in too deep, not very flush with the fenders. I'm sure we can sleep at night knowing this will not be seen on production models... I do wish lexus would tighten up the fender gaps on their cars however.
  9. This mule certainly doesn't look good. Besides it obviously being unpainted, the back bumper just looks aftermarket. I remember all the pre-production pictures of the new GS showing the car with a nice lower stance, and then the production car came out sitting up like a 4x4. I don't know why Lexus can't get stance right like BMW does.
  10. something about that whole rear end in the second picture isn't sitting right with me. The way the back end slopes into the trunk lip spoiler thing, the mediocre wheels, and the ridiculous blind spot I bet that has just doesn't quite feel "Lexus" yet. I think this is one of those cars that I'm going to have to stare at in person for a while for it to grow on me. I don't know if I have much to say about the wheel design though, I think the LS f-sport wheels are about my favorite of any that have come out.
  11. They made the car ugly on purpose to not draw too much attention. The real front wheels will fit in the arch wells like in the ISF. paint the bumpers and put proper wheels, u will see a diffrent beast
  12. Looks porky in black. Not sure if I can blame the camouflage and unfinished overall look.
  13. Why didn't Lexus go with oval exhaust tips like the ones on the ISF? These circle ones look cheap