Photo Gallery: Ultrasonic Blue Lexus IS F SPORT & the Canadian Sunset

Lexus IS Kevin King Uy

Lexus Canada has just posted an Ultrasonic Blue IS F SPORT gallery from photographer Kevin King Uy:

I’ve been a huge fan of Kevin King Uy ever since his LFA/Supra photoshoot a couple years back — happy to see his work featured on the Lexus Canada Facebook page.


  1. Any why doesn't the US get this color?!? Boggles the mind!
  2. When the Fsport came out in 2010 I was bent on getting this color, but they convinced us to get black. Now, I have an ISF in this colour and it's definitely a head turner.
  3. i need a greddy ti cutback for my 014 is350 f sport
  4. and headers why no damn headers
  5. when i buy my is f sport i want it blue with white intirior the dealer said only red intirior if the car is f sport