Photo Gallery: The ZENT CERUMO Lexus RC F GT500

Lexus RC F GT 500 Racing Testing

The ZENT CERUMO Lexus RC F GT500 recently took part in a fan appreciation day at the Suzuka circuit in Japan — here are some photos from Racerlink & Autosport Web:

There are six Lexus RC F GT500 teams taking part in the 2014 SuperGT season, which starts April 6th at the Okayama International Circuit.


  1. The pic with the fire spitting out the exhaust. epic.. please tell me there is a video of that
  2. Epic Epic epic got no words Left, just waiting for the 6th and videos
  3. tell me when it on forza
  4. I like how the grille doesn't look like it's catching air in the racing versions.