Correction Regarding Yesterday’s Lexus NX Image

Lexus LF-NX Teaser

There’s a correction on yesterday’s post regarding the Lexus NX crossover: Lexus Europe has informed me that the image above is the LF-NX concept, and not a teaser of the production NX model.

(The confusion was caused by a mislabeled image on the Lexus Europe pressroom.)


  1. Knew it :( So it will likely NOT have the beautiful 3 LED lights, but instead the single round HID (or LED) projector light similar to the base IS, like we saw in last month's leaked photo. :( :( :(
    • We shall find out. If they can do it for the RC, I don't see why they couldn't theoretically do it for the NX in a more linear fashion. But I wouldn't be surprised if it came in both HID as standard, with LED as option like you mentioned like it does for the CT, IS, GS, RX, LS.
    • JT

      I would think the LED will look like slope (shown in the photo) instead it looks like 'Nike' LED in the front like lexus IS or RC.
    • An update with these headlights on all the models would be the sex.
  2. well someone is going to have a bad day :p Still not sure why they didn't announce it at the NY Auto show...
  3. Well it is obvious because the chrome bars in the grille is missing based on the leaked NX image and the headlights are not production ready. :D
  4. Just as I was getting my hopes up again. :(
  5. Too good to be true.