Video: Lexus Europe Releases 2014 CT 200h Commercial

Lexus CT 200h 2014

Lexus Europe has released a new commercial with the freshly updated CT 200h:

(Red might be my favorite interior color for the CT — really works well with the white exterior.)


  1. ED

  2. One of the best looking hatch backs ever made. I would love to see this done up with some nice wheels and a drop.
  3. It's a nice looking hot hatch, but isn't it strange to see such an exterior powered by the prius engine? It is like an oxymoron.
    • Well, Carson! Hold on, hopefully there will be a CT300h in 2016. Unless, I won't see a future for this car. Lexusman
  4. There's no other hatch back that comes close to this beauty. Spectacular update Lexus!
  5. Still looks even better interior and exterior ,but just needs power output to be upgrade d from 100kw to at least 160kw with 300N.M of torque.