Video: Justin Bell Drives the Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA with Justin Bell

In the latest episode of The One, Motor Trend presenter Justin Bell hits the track in a Lexus LFA borrowed from the Toyota Museum in Torrance, California:

Haven’t been a fan of this show in the past, but I love seeing that red LFA out on the track — worth it for the visuals.


  1. Please! Stop reporting about this 80ies-styled outfashioned overpriced car here. ;) Times of Toyota Supra/Celica are for God's sake over. ;) Harrold
    • MD

      You must be joking. Considering how ludicrous and foolish that sounds, that has to be a joke
    • So why are you here then? Go check out cars in your price point then,Civics and sentras. We don't need your irrelevant comments here.
    • This car WORTH every penny you PAY!! And I'm sure you NEVER been in one of those LFAs/// SO PLZ
    • You are not that stupid. Or are you?
    • Hairy Mantits is just upset because he can never and will never drive a Lexus LFA... Too much machine for him/her... I've had the privilege of driving the LFA on the Fontana Raceway here in California, and unless you've driven this thing, esp. on a track, then you have no context in which to judge or gauge what this car is like or capable of.... The LFA transcends a bunch numbers on a sheet
    • Considering how LFA has been hailed as "greatest car ever from Japan", "best car I have ever driven" and made it to the #10 of the greatest cars of all times by a variety of European crtics, such stupid comments don't even deserve being dignified by a response.
    • CL

      It is the best car Top Gear has ever driven with the best sounding engine pretty much known to mankind. Everyone who drives it, completely raves about it. Too bad you must stick with your Civic and Versa. Suck it up loser!
  2. wait?! how can I borrow it for one day? :))))
  3. Best car ever built. Here is a preview of the one we might afford: Toyota Supra!
  4. Dear All, I love you all! You fall for me with my successful provocation. ;) LFA is the ugliest Lexus ever build followed from LS400 Igitt! Wähh! A CAR FOR REDNECKS ;) Harry Mankind from Stuttgart/Germany, driving an Audi A5 QUATTRO ;) PS: VORSPRUNG DURCH TECHNIK
    • CI

      Whatever jealous hater. I have seen LFA in real life and people gushing at how amazing and imposing it looks in real life. Everyone forgets any other car and flocks to the LFA. So whatever your opinions, they are your personal. You are just a jealous hater. Nothing more and nothing less. P.S. Nothing Audi has created so far in production that comes close to the perfection of the Lexus LFA. That is a heck of a lot of pride for Lexus admirers.
    • MD

      I thought so. Funny how your attitude is like when you drive a POS A5 I would not even be caught dead on the road (yeah, they are a dime a dozen where I live and cheap as hell due to depreciation). LFA is absolutely gorgeous I have seen it driving on the road.
    • Wow Hairy vagina and his no value shaudi a5. I have real cars, GS 350 Fsport and 2014 IS 350 Fsport both with red interior cagna.
    • Ok, let's not feed the troll. Feel like he's been sufficiently schooled. Thread closed.
  5. LFA Pros: Several. Cons: Out of Production. Greatest piece of vehicle engineering? You bet!
  6. Lexus Fricking Awesome!
  7. Um a 5 mintue video for a car of this level of a car? Oh the injustice ! This car deserves a true video extensive video