New Lexus GS 300h Commercial from Japan

Lexus GS 300h Commercial from Japan

Lexus Japan has made a commercial for the newly released GS 300h:

The visuals were created using black lights, and the behind-the-scenes video is pretty interesting to watch even if you don’t understand Japanese:

Perhaps the biggest surprise in the commercial is how low the GS sits — check out the wheel drop:

Lexus GS 300h Wheel Drop


  1. If only the cars had that type of a stance from the factory! lol
  2. LOVE THE VIDEO! I'm sure we could use more GS videos like that here in The States! BD
  3. The lighting makes me think how awesome a GS with a full spindle would look! Menacing!
  4. Just Wow man love that Nebula Pearl gray GS300h perfect drop.
  5. amazing in motion
  6. Updates to confirm that the arrival of the GS300h means the end of the GS250 (in the UK at least).
  7. I only wish the GS had a bit more curve in its headlights, leaning a bit more towards the LS's style.
  8. Looks good agree it looks good with full spindle grill and lower. I think the ES however confuses a lot of people and does not sit correctly inthe overall Lexus line up. In South Africa it is going to sell for less than the IS and is going to sell well here. The IS has always been an upmarket 3 series better finishes and more luxury but what does the E S compete with Hyundai?
  9. Damn those two GS's look good at the end of the video. I wonder how they got them to sit so low ? The GS is SEXY !!