ZENT CERUMO Lexus SC 430 Team Wins Super GT Round 6

Lexus Win Super GT Round 6

The ZENT CERUMO racing team of Yuji Tachikawa & Kohei Hirate won Super GT Round 6 yesterday in the #38 Lexus SC 430. It was the team’s first win of the season.

Two other Lexus SC 430 teams finished in the top four: the #37 KeePer TOM’S SC 430 came in third, and the #6 ENEOS SUSTINA SC 430 was fourth.

Watch the Super GT Round 6 Highlights (in Japanese)


  1. If you play Forza these sc430 cars are the best
    • I've been playing the Super GT series on GT5 lately -- these SC 430s are super.
    • Yeah, they have enough power and handle beautifully. And believe me I've try every car on this game and nothing else come close to these SC430's. They are fun fun and feel like a proper racing cars
  2. The SC approximately one of the top 3 every race Nothing new