Photo Gallery: Lexus LS 460 F SPORT with 22-Inch Vossen CV4 Wheels

Lexus LS 460 on Vossen 22-inch VVS-CV4

Vossen Wheels has outfitted a 2013 Matador Red Mica Lexus LS 460 F SPORT with their matte graphite machined 22″ wheels — take a look at this:

If I had a choice of any Lexus/Vossen combination, it would likely be the LS F SPORT paired with these CV4s — here’s the car in motion:

The 22″ CV4s will fit various Lexus models, and are backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty. If you have any questions, please visit the Vossen Wheels website or email

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  1. Please, dear Lexus engineers: tune up the line-up first! 1) LS300h 2) LS450h Hmmm....??? When?
  2. Looks sweeeet. Love the red paint and those headlights are awesome. I do think the front wheels should have been 21 inch instead. I find it amazing that it only takes so little work to make a LS look spectacular
  3. This is 1 of the best looking LS ever
  4. Ther rear end of this is such a stand out
  5. A+ on the LS F-Sport with the Vossen 22 inchers.
  6. LS never grows old. The current greenhouse may be a decade old now but still doesnt look outdated, still looks fine. It really age so gracefully.
  7. Beautiful....timeless and elegant fluidity. The size and height of these wheels really helps. I'm hoping LEXUS will widen their wheels and tires to at least 8.5-9 inch width like MB and BMW.....sorry, but the 7.5 width is just too small. The few extra inches makes the German group look so much beefier. I have voiced and requested through LEXUS feedback line for several years.....come on now let's get down to real business here to compete on a grander level. Such a small modification to make a huge difference. I know weight and drag is what it is all about, but please, it is time now.....
  8. Did this LS get lowered after the wheel installation?