Video: Lexus IS 350 F SPORT at Full Throttle

Lexus IS 350 F SPORT Japan

Listen to the IS 350 F SPORT at full throttle in this short video from Lexus Japan:

I saw a lowered IS F SPORT in Obsidian on the highway a couple days back, and was thunderstruck — it was unlike anything else on the road. Great look.

(Thanks CDN_Lexus!)


  1. I saw a white one and a black one on the road in La Jolla the other day. The white is just fugly. The black hides it better, but it's still fugly. #barf
  2. It IS fun to drive with this car, it IS fun to see people stare at it. Btw: I prefer the satin silver color :-)
  3. RAL

    Saw the IS in "atomic silver" while at the dealer today. Rich color with a unique quality that would seem to have been created just for the IS. Pictures do not do it justice . . . you must see it to appreciate it. Absolutely stunning!
  4. I saw a grey one the other day, I thought these arent on sale yet?
  5. Mmn

    To my surprise I've yet so see a black 3IS