A Lexus Love Story

Lexus LS Video

Today is the fifth wedding anniversary of my wife and I, and perhaps unsurprisingly, I have the perfect Lexus video to mark the occasion:

Like so many things in my life, this website would not be possible without Karissa’s support — today, I’m going to take some time and show her how much it means to me.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Best wishes to both of you!!!
  2. Congrats to both you, and yours!
  3. Osu

    Have a nice one and congrats!!
  4. Congrats you guys! for another 95 years!
  5. Congratulations Kevin to you and Karissa. God willing hopefully you will many more to come. Enjoy and cherish this day. :)
  6. Have a great day together, beatuiful video, take care.
  7. Wow the best LS Ad i have seen thus far very emotional, i think will play this on my wedding day.
  8. Happy anniversary, Kevin and Karissa. May you enjoy many more happy and beautiful years together.
  9. Congratulations, Krew!
  10. Awesome video! and congrats!
  11. In the doghouse again, Krew? I hope she forgives you...... BD
  12. Congratulations. Wish you many more happy years to come. Beautiful video btw.
  13. Best wishes to you! Does anyone know the title of this music?
  14. RAL

    All the best to you! My wife and I are celebrating our 27th today! It just keeps getting better and better as the years go by. Just wish we looked like the couple in the video!
  15. Guys, need help the LFA needs to be declare as winner http://www.toutpost.com/d/9921/Nissan_GT-R_vs_Lexus_LFA?utm_campaign=cars4&utm_source=fb&utm_medium=ppc
  16. Excellent presentation. Very professional.
  17. Congrats Kevin and Karissa!