Lexus Carbon Fiber Technology Featured in London Design Museum Exhibition

Lexus LFA Carbon Fiber Exhibit

The carbon fiber used in the Lexus LFA is being featured as part of the The Future is Here: A New Industrial Revolution exhibition at the London Design Museum — from the press release:

Weaving is where it all began for Toyota in the 19th century and it still has a place in the company’s latest technology advances, as its contribution to a new Design Museum show demonstrates. It has contributed raw carbon fibre material, formed vehicle parts and a video presentation about the Lexus Carbon Loom, a new machine developed specifically to produce carbon fibre for the Lexus LFA supercar, to The Future is Here: A New Industrial Revolution, which opened at the Thames-side museum this week.

The work of the Lexus Carbon Loom is included in the Design Museum’s presentation to show how digital fabrication methods are being introduced for mass production.

Lexus The Future is Here Exhibition in London

The Future is Here exhibition at the London Design Museum runs until October 29th — if anyone gets a chance to visit and take some photos, please let me know.

[Source: Lexus UK]