Motor Trend Comparison: Lexus IS 350 AWD vs. Audi S4, BMW 335i xDrive, Cadillac ATS4 3.6 & the Volvo S60 T6

Lexus IS vs the competition

The folks at Motor Trend are at it again with a comparison of the Lexus IS 350 AWD, Audi S4, BMW 335i xDrive, Cadillac ATS4 3.6 & the Volvo S60 T6.

(The IS 350 AWD comes in third behind the BMW & Audi.)

Read the Motor Trend comparison test


  1. what a terrible article.....I guess a 335ix and an s4 both beat an is-f 0-60
  2. Didn't MT just rate the IS ahead of the 3-Series a month ago? Knew that wouldn't last long. BMW's marketing team obviously wrote a bigger check this time around.
    • 1. No, that was C&D, by 1 point, comparing RWD with sport packages. 2. The whole "'X magazine is getting paid off by Y automaker" line is getting old. Were all those positive GS reviews just Toyota writing large checks to all the magazines then? 3. Audi's forte is AWD. For XDrive to pull ahead is impressive. 4. Optional sport package might have changed the results. Neither BMW nor Lexus had M-Sport/F-Sport packages, which was especially noted in the Lexus.
    • It was just a joke. Overall every comparison test is superfluous at best. None of these magazines put any emphasis on real-world attributes when conducting any of them.
  3. Well just factoring in depreciation rates and cost of ownership, the Lexus seems like the better buy. I've been thought BMW ownership, maintenance etc, in my eyes really wasnt worth it all said and done. Driving experience was great, but with that being said, Lexus now has good drivers cars as well so I think it's the best choice for the enthusiast with a logical perspective.
  4. The article was very odd in general. It was AWD only, I forgot why, but I think it was to include the S4. The C-Class offers a C300 (228HP) 4Matic, but it wasn't invited, and the S4 and 335i were over $60k. And they said in the article that Lexus doesn't offer a F-Sport 350 AWD model, which is 100% wrong. So the Lexus didn't get to put it's best foot forward due to poor due diligence by MT. What was important is that the Cadillac ATS, which beat the 335i RWD head to head 2 months earlier, was beaten, again, by the IS350, and it wasn't even the F-Sport! Cadillac is having a hard time moving the ATS, and has resorted to $299 leases of the 2.0T model (not the base model). That's what Infiniti is using to sell the last of the 7 year old G37 sedans! And the Lexus IS and new Infiniti Q50 are barely getting to dealers now. The ATS is a flop, as it hasn't sold more than 3800 in a month since it's launch. Lexus has taken the Caddy down..... BD
  5. 3rd is a little deep, I was hoping for AT LEAST 2nd, cmon, 98% of the reviews from other places I've read and watched have rated the new IS exclusively high, most even mention it beats out the 3 series in many ways for once. I guess it's personal preference for MT, just like how I would put that S60 above the A4.
    • 1. They didn't test the F-Sport. 2. They used AWD cars, not RWD 3. The BMW and Audi were $60-62k It beat out the caddy and Volvo, which had a similar price to it. And this wasn't the top IS model.... BD
  6. i think it is fair enough article, Lexus really need to upgrade the engine and transmission, y do they not have at-least the valvamatic that they have in Europe? BMW and Audi turbo is making the difference.. not only are those two fast, but also the most fuel efficient. I don't know why toyota is so slow to react with all these resources.. when newcomers like Hyundai is jumping into the turbo business
  7. M&T is so dumb. Car journos who read off a script written by an english major minoring in comm. Stupid scrubs.. They put a VW S4 and compared it with a non M Sport/F Sport. Haha funny how it never took 1st place. Good job Lexus and Beemer, show these two brands is way way better than the other two in test. #wordupson