Stunning Lexus LFA Desktop Wallpaper

Lexus LFA Jalopnik Photo

Jalopnik has just posted an absolutely gorgeous photo of the Lexus LFA from photographer Seagram Pearce — definitely worth checking out if you can ignore the comment section.

(Or you could just download the desktop wallpaper.)

Lexus LFA Photo by Seagram Pearce


  1. I like it, but it's still not as good as my Lexus IS350 wallpaper from BD
  2. MD

    Wow! The comment section has some incredibly ignorant people. One tool thinks LFA should cost $100,000. The biggest joke of the century.
  3. I think this was the 134 LFA shoot out taken in South Africa!
    • I'm not sure if it's #134, but the car is definitely in South Africa -- these photos were taken for Lexus South Africa.
    • hey krew its mos def the #134 it was the second LFA to arrive in South Africa after the red #064 LFA a year later. The are currently only 3 LFA's in the country.The white one is at TMSA HQ