Jeremy Clarkson’s Daughter Drives Lexus RX 450h Across Africa

Lexus RX 450h & Emily Clarkson

While on the topic of Jeremy Clarkson & Lexus, his daughter Emily recently travelled across Africa in a RX 450h, and has written about the journey for The Sunday Times — here’s a quote:

For the drive we would need a car considerably tougher than us, something bold and brave, soothing that would be able to endure the African wilderness. We chose, on good authority, a Toyota Land Cruiser.

How, then, did we end up in a Lexus hybrid? Put it down to an administrative error (mine).

Despite a rough start, the trip turned out well:

But as our road trip drew to a close, I started to think about it: I mean, how many people can say they’ve driven 3,000 miles on some of souther Africa’s most difficult roads in a two-wheel-drive hybrid? It didn’t matter that we were the most ridiculous thing to cross Botswana since the Top Gear special; no did it matter that the rear bumper was scraping the ground. We were unconditionally in love with our car.

It’s a fun story from an unlikely source, and some thoughtful individual has uploaded a scan of the paper for everyone that isn’t subscribed to The Sunday Times (here’s page one & page two).

[Source: The Sunday Times]


  1. She sounds pretty stupid, but she knows what company will get her to her destination, so there is hope for her..... BD
  2. The Clarksons' lack of knowledge of the Toyota hybrid system always astounds me. They are idiots. But at least she's learning now......
  3. She looks like her daddy