Jeremy Clarkson’s Daughter Drives Lexus RX 450h Across Africa

Lexus RX 450h & Emily Clarkson

While on the topic of Jeremy Clarkson & Lexus, his daughter Emily recently travelled across Africa in a RX 450h, and has written about the journey for The Sunday Times — here’s a quote:

For the drive we would need a car considerably tougher than us, something bold and brave, soothing that would be able to endure the African wilderness. We chose, on good authority, a Toyota Land Cruiser.

How, then, did we end up in a Lexus hybrid? Put it down to an administrative error (mine).

Despite a rough start, the trip turned out well:

But as our road trip drew to a close, I started to think about it: I mean, how many people can say they’ve driven 3,000 miles on some of souther Africa’s most difficult roads in a two-wheel-drive hybrid? It didn’t matter that we were the most ridiculous thing to cross Botswana since the Top Gear special; no did it matter that the rear bumper was scraping the ground. We were unconditionally in love with our car.

It’s a fun story from an unlikely source, and some thoughtful individual has uploaded a scan of the paper for everyone that isn’t subscribed to The Sunday Times (here’s page one & page two).

[Source: The Sunday Times]