Motor Trend Reviews the 2014 Lexus IS 350 AWD

Lexus IS 350 AWD

Motor Trend has just posted up a review of the 2014 Lexus IS 350 AWD, and there’s plenty of positives.

Key quote: “[The IS AWD] remains fun to drive even without the F-Sport upgrades, and its comfortable and attractive interior delivers on the brand’s luxury promise.”

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  1. I'm already planning on buying the new IS 350 fsport, I need to see more Lexus news, not the new IS that's basically out.
    • There's obviously a big push right now for the new IS by Lexus regional offices all over the world, so there's a lot of content about the new car. That said, only 8 of my last 20 stories have been about the new IS -- that's around 40% for a brand new model. What would you like to see instead? Thanks for the feedback!
    • I appreciate your response, I want to see more info on the RC 350
  2. This 3.5 mill is a horse
  3. this 3.5 engine is doing nothing wrong. Lexus dont need a turbo yet for this engine. lexus can make another natural aspirated 3.5 with little more power make it rev like a LFA, then that 335 is old news. no need to beat the 335i 0-60.
  4. A solid review by MT, which dovetails nicely with Car & Driver's comparison victory for the 350 F-Sport. I would expect a V6 upgrade in 2015, when the 250 gets a new engine, I would expect both the IS and GS to get new V6's, or an equivalent upgrade.... BD
  5. Lexus, if you read this, please remove that fake engine sound from the IS300h. Its embarrassing, and foolish, no matter how you look at it. At least make it optional.
  6. Why do they review the AWD version? So they can make the 335i looks very fast? The previous IS350 RWD with 6-speed Lexus claimed a very conservative 5.4 seconds to 0-60mph. People easily got it in the high 4's stock. So unless the new IS350 with 8-gears is slow? Or the BMW managed to make the new F30 335i faster by a whole second, which is highly unlikely. There was a review made which tested the new ES350 & 335i in higher elevation and the 335i was only a fraction 0.2 seconds faster than the ES350. And the 335i had the massive advantage since the test was conducted at high elevation. Unles the new IS350 is slower than ES350. The Camry V6 manges flat 14 second 1/4 mile btw..
  7. This is my 3rd Lexus; and while not as cushy as an ES 350, it is still very comfortabe to drive and a lot more interesting to drive, in that its handling and the like are tuned to the sport sedan world. I think my IS 350 is terrific.