Lexus CT 200h Sedan Spotted?

Lexus HS CT Mystery Mule

A Motor Trend editor spotted a mystery prototype in Southern California, and noting its similarity to the Lexus HS 250h, believes it to be an early version of a CT 200h sedan — let’s start with some photo comparisons to get it out of the way:

Lexus CT vs Mystery Prototype vs. HS 250h

Lexus CT vs Mystery vs HS Etc.

Nothing about this prototype reminds me of the CT, though it does bring to mind the hydrogen HS mule that was spotted last year:

Lexus HS Hydrogen Mule

The overall shape seems dated, and not really in line with the design direction of Lexus (or even Toyota) — have to think it makes more sense if this prototype is testing a new powertrain configuration.

See more photos of the mystery prototype


  1. I do hope it's a Hydrogen Fuel-Cell version of small Lexus , at least try something different ? :
  2. Body looks like the HS. Note the small A-pillar windows.
  3. Lexus has already stated they won't go downmarket from here..... BD
  4. why go back to the HS/4 door when they discontinued it? I much rather see a hatchback...
  5. Let's say: the new Prius ?
  6. It's funny, the rims looks like Saab's one
  7. Do we actually know that it's a product of the Toyota Motor Corporation? I couldn't see any logo,or did I miss something?
    • Yes, it's camouflaged. Note shape resemblane and identical wheels: