Top Gear Magazine Reviews the Lexus IS 300h

Lexus IS 300h Top Gear

Paul Horrell from Top Gear magazine has reviewed the Lexus IS 300h F SPORT, and balances his appreciation of the handling with his dislike of the variable transmission.

(Ultimately, he preferred the non-F SPORT version and its softer suspension.)

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  1. Whether you like CVTs, or don't like them, learn to love them! They're the most efficient transmission going today. You will see Toyota products get them more and more as we go along, and all hybrids will feature them...... BD
    • Did you notice that the car has been almost completely destroyed by the reviewer? Not to mention the comments (probably by english users)
  2. why is my comment gone?
  3. Which is faster IS250 or the IS300h?
    • MT

      IS250. Quicker on the standard sprint 0-100kmh and quicker on the quarter mile. Thats what i have seen in some document yesterday, although i don't find it at the moment any more. The 300h is quicker though from 80-120kmh.
  4. That is actually a surprisingly positive review from Top Gear. The LFA and 86 seem to have changed their attitude a bit to Toyota/Lexus because they used to be pretty much negative about each new Toyota release for quite a few years there. I also think they have a point in the last paragraph. The 300h engine fits best in the ES which is built purely for comfort. Why go to all the effort of building a sporty car like the IS and then release it with a hybrid engine built primarily for fuel efficiency and low emissions. The IS 350 is not available in Europe remember. I think the ES300h would sell quite well in Europe. Perhaps once production moves to the US, Lexus will consider exporting the ES to Europe?
  5. no problem krew
  6. Really, really sad. If that was a german the music was completely different. English gonna hate.
  7. Too right BlackDynamite! I am getting increasingly annoyed at these reviews slating CVT but they think we all want to thrash cars to death all the time. Who is being green here? I am about to get a 300h F-sport (I will pick it up tomorrow) and its my first hybrid. I was open minded (and wanted Audi if I am honest and stick with diesel) before testing this car but I fell in love with the refinement, dealership support and drive of the Lexus. This review is biased beyond all manner of oppinion. I am truly stunned by the amount of people who by German (Audi, BMW, Merc and even VW) but don't look at Lexus. It is an eye-opener, believe me! The CVT is fine and not intrusive, it is also responsive and helps generate that 50+ mpg without loss of performance. I did not get any excessive noise in the cabin and it was silky smooth. I tested an F-sport and it was beautiful; refined, sedate, yet if you want a bit of fun then stick your toe down. This is coming from someone who used to own a V6 Jaguar so I am used to some acceleration. The Lexus is smooth and different, this is why I opted for one; everyone and their mate has a BMW now and they are not special at all. i want to feel special and this car will turn heads!