Modellista Announces Lexus IS F SPORT Body Kit

Modellista Body Kit for Lexus IS

Lexus factory tuner Modellista has announced a body kit for the new Lexus IS — here’s a look at the individual parts:

The whole kit is tastefully executed — pricing entirely in Japanese, but it appears the full kit will retail for ¥299,250 ($2,916 USD) and the 18-inch wheels will be ¥386,400 ($3,766 USD).

[Source: Modellista]


  1. heres an idea for these guys, leave the original tail pipes as is and the whole thing would look alot betta
  2. small pipes on the fat ass dont work!
  3. car hasn't been out yet (US) and theres already 50,000 (ugly) body kits.