Lexus Canada Announces 2014 Lexus IS Pricing

Lexus Canada 2014 IS

Lexus Canada has updated their website with full pricing for the 2014 Lexus IS, including all packages and F SPORT options.

(There are ten different F SPORT packages to choose from — two for each RWD model & three for each AWD model.)

See all details on the Canadian Lexus IS


  1. Still shocked and they lost a sale because you can't get Marc Levinson on a RWD. Plus no LED Headlamps for RWD.
    • Turns out you were right about LED headlights, darkride. Package options just boggle my mind. I like how on the 350 AWD F-Sport Executive, I can get RCTA, BSM and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, but something as simple as Backup and Clearance Sensors I can't get??? Or it comes with a Power Rear Sunshade, but not Rain Sensing Wipers. And one last one, the way they list "Front Fog Lamps Delete". It's like they are rubbing it in, we could give them to you, but we won't. Very frustrating!
  2. They managed to keep the LS, GS and ES pricing the same or less than previous gens. Why the $3K increase for the entry IS250, Lexus??? Was really counting on a 34-35K starting price max. Also, why offer only a "cosmetic" F-Sport (wheels/front bumper) on the IS250 and not the full offering as with the IS350 RWD which upgrades the suspension (AVS), tranny, brakes, VGRS steering, and power mappings??? To make it even more inconsistent and confusing, no VGRS with the IS350 AWD. What a mess. An F-Sport package should be the same mechanically, save for the engine if you so want to offer this difference. Best value is IS350 RWD w/F-Sport package with all the mechanical upgrades for only 1K more.
    • Canadians aren't a priority at Lexus as it seems..
    • Yet Canada is only other place Lexus's are made, as Canadians make the North American RX350s lol
    • you have no idea what you are talking about so please visit your nearest Lexus dealer instead of doing your online research and see how they actually package the cars that are being sent to the dealer. first of all ES GS went up about 3k in price because of the extra options that are being packaged with those cars and LS went up about 7K. Also, IS250 F sport will come with the S+ suspension bucket sport seats, black headliner rooftop, aluminum pedals and the outside body changes.