Live Photos of the TRD Lexus IS F SPORT Body Kit

Live photos of the recently revealed TRD body kit for the new Lexus IS have shown up on the Japanese blog たろのぶのページ:

Lexus IS TRD Live Front

Lexus IS TRD Live Side

Lexus IS TRD Live Rear

While most of the modifications are subtle and suitable to the character of the IS, the rear bumper and its giant diffuser don’t match up very well with the Ultra White exterior color — the contrasting colors are a bit much.

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  1. the rear looks like ass.
  2. Definitely not to my liking; looks too "ricered" up.
  3. Just a modification to those ugly headlights would do for me...especially with the lighter coloured cars. Hope they don't repeat that style with the upcoming coupe..
  5. That lip spoiler is sooo ugly!!!!!
  6. Only part I would put on is the rear bumper diffuser as long as it was painted all body color. The rest is fugly
  7. Why more stabilizer fins?
  8. I thought TRD is for Toyota only... TRD on Lexus??? seriously!
  9. The tacked-on wind vectors on the C-Pillar are pretty......tacky BD