2014 Lexus IS East Coast Road Rally

Lexus IS Road Rally

Road trip announcement — this week, I’ll be joining a convoy of 2014 Lexus IS models as they make their way along the East Coast visiting U.S. Lexus dealerships.

Current status: The road rally is now done — thanks for following along!

Starting in Boston, we’ll be touring through eight states and visiting forty-one Lexus dealerships in four days — major stops will include NYC, Philadelphia, and Washington DC, and we’ll also be stopping at dealerships in Rhode Island, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland.

Every day, I’ll be updating with locations (if you want to stop by for a visit), and will be posting photos and updates throughout the trip — you can follow along here on the site, or by subscribing to the @LexusNewsLive Twitter account or the Lexus Enthusiast Facebook page.


  1. Any idea when the car is actually going on sale?
  2. Lexus is dong a lot of promotion for a car that's not even for sale yet. Overstocking the Hype Machine. This should be a "Summer Vacation" type move. Even Memorial Day Weekend. It's too soon..... BD
  3. This looks nice on the road..
  4. Just visited you in Watertown. Great to meet you, Kevin. The new IS is as great as I was hoping. Can't wait until it hits the showroom!
  5. MAH

    Just visited you in Watertown. Great to meet you, Kevin. The new IS is as great as I was hoping. Can't wait until it hits the showroom!
  6. At which dealerships in New Jersey will the tour visit and when?
  7. Pittsburgh, PLEASE?
    • Hi Mitzi -- doesn't look like we'll be traveling that far west, I'll update you with the PA dealerships we'll be visiting as soon as we know for sure.
  8. I hope the ratio of IS350's is higher with this generation of the Lexus IS The now previous 2IS its almost rare to find IS350s, just IS250's everywhere! What are Lexus expecting the ratio mix of the sales to be?
  9. Maybe a stupid question, but is it ok that all these cars doesn't have a number plate on the front ? Am I missing here something ?
  10. Kevin, Will Lexus address the different issues and imperfections that the prototypes showed? I'm not sure if Lexus still has some time to change it before going on mass production.
    • Issues? Imperfections?? Can you expand on that?
    • What are you thinking of specifically?
    • Take a look here: http://www.clublexus.com/forums/is-third-generation/686320-2014-is-350-non-f-sport-dealer-unveiling-my-thoughts.html http://www.clublexus.com/forums/is-third-generation/686061-hoovey-review-3rd-generation-is.html
    • Hi Jake, Just read over the two threads -- unfortunately, it's impossible to know what will be adjusted on the final production model. I suppose we'll know soon enough!