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  • May 12, 2013
I'm a huge Lexus fan the issue is they have 3 styles of suv but the gx is totally outdated the lx as well effort less type design we need something in between. put all three of them in a blender and come out with a new updated 7 passenger vehicle there is nothing out there look and see. Let's create a new iconic suv sporty for men. V6 turbo, aggressive look, and I know it will be a hit. The coupe story., lexus tease but nothing. Make that coupe but add ponies don't come with a 350 plain throw a jojo in (turbo) twin with a nice exhaust, F1 paddle shifters, and the body Lexus style (HOT) just to smoke the 335 and give the m3 a hard time. There is nothing with the luxury of Lexus and reliability and standards today with the highest resale values in all their vehicles. I have an idea! We need to Create a program were the enthusiast could participate in future designs by giving their opinion no pictures just specific questions that will help in the over all design of the new vehicle then the surprise will be finished vehicle. It will be millions of opinions it's a huge movement but it pays off at the end. And believe me the enthusiast we know about this.