Fifth Gear Reviews the 2013 Lexus GS 450h

The Fifth Gear team have combined to review the 2013 Lexus GS 450h:

A fair enough review, I suppose — interesting that the two presenters that spent the most time behind the wheel (Jason Plato & Tiff Needel) scored the car higher than the two that didn’t.


  1. Nice blue metallic.. This if few months old...:)
  2. If they actually drove the car maybe their responses would've been different (those 2) and they bring up good alternatives for short term ownership, but once you start breaking in the car, quality and reliability wise, the Lexus would be the best choice.
  3. weird how Johnny said he marked it down for not being fun to drive and yet would prefer an E class... Alas, he has always been a Mercedes fan (and drives one) and the lady is obviously a bmw fan
  4. A lot of misinformation in that review. They marked the GS450h down for having less power than a 535d but that's when just comparing the power generated by the petrol engine alone. Considering total drivetrain power, the GS hybrid beats the 535d. Furthermore, most comparisons have shown the GS to be superior to the 5 series in handling so looks like a lot of Euro bias in that review.
    • just for marking it down because it has less power (which is a miss information) alone proves it was bias; it sucks that these people cant praise Lexus for making a superior vehicle then these GERMANS
  5. Its was fair but if thier had taken the F-sport the handling would be dynamic and with the agressive spindle grille look.
  6. Who in the 'real-world' buys a luxury sedan to throw around a race track? There review is total useless because it does not address real-world usage. And no one can buy a comparable-equipped BMW 5-series for anywhere near the same money as a Lexus GS. The BMW will cost you at least another 10K. That is the real-world.
  7. I never met a Brit I really liked...... BD
  8. These european scums always talk trash about Lexus. That thing with the manly face deserves 6 divided by 10 for her face