Photo Gallery: Clean Starfire Pearl Lexus GS F SPORT


Regular reader Alex O sent in some photos of his friend’s customized Lexus GS F SPORT, and it’s a real looker:

The light exterior customization was done by the folks at Sewell Lexus, and includes vinyl gloss on the roof for a panoramic effect, black vinyl-wrapped chrome, and matte black vinyl on the front bumper — the result is a very clean, close-to-factory appearance that’s just right on the details.


  1. JT

    That looks VERY familiar!
  2. Nice!So much nicer than the "custom" jobs I see around my place!Too many Cavalier's & Neon's from "hill billy hell"!
  3. Well Lexus GS350 is a beautiful car but it didn't change nothing in the Middle East because of the POWER... but I do LOVE IT... Haters PLEASE!!!
  4. I dont like what they did with the black on the front end... looks better without it
  5. Realize it's been about a year since this post -- Alex O, noticed you got this done at Sewell, how much did it run if you don't mind my asking.
  6. Very Nice!. Anyone know about how much that package is?
  7. JC

    I just picked up a 2015 White/Cabernet GS 350 and want to do the same thing. Any suggestions on where to do it in Houston? What about paint vs. vinyl wrap?