The National Post Reviews the 2014 Lexus IS

Lexus IS National Post

David Booth of The National Post spent the day in Austin driving the new 2014 Lexus IS, and believes it’s a serious challenger to the BMW 3-Series.

Key quote: “…that a Lexus could keep up with the very best of the non “M” type BMWs on a high-speed racetrack is high praise indeed.”

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  1. Seems like Lexus still has a bit to do, mainly on working on those engines...
  2. Doesnt seem like the home run the GS was. But still good
  3. On paper these Lexus engines don't stand out. But in practise they're very good!
  4. Yeah, it won't be long now.
  5. the 2.5 will be replaced by a 2.0 turbo l4. the 3.5 will ptobably get some sort of update. It's the workhorse of Lexus and Toyota for that matter