New Photos of the Lexus LS 600h

Lexus International LS Photos

Lexus International has posted a very nice collection of LS 600h photos on their Facebook page:

All the green makes for a beautiful setting — I’ve seen quite a few new LS models in Los Angeles, and it looks great out on the road.

[Source: Lexus International Facebook]


  1. Awesome powerful solid car. But why must the LS perpetually look outdated?
  2. I predict a 425HP V8 in the all-new 2015 LS, and that TMG-tuner LS from two years ago will turn into something. Probably an LSF with 575-600HP, turbo-boosted. And the hybrid should end up in the middle, with a similar price to today, with combined MPG around 25 MPG...... BD
    • MT

      The hybrid will be a mighty fine machine, yes! But i expect the current 2UR engine to b atkinsonized, at about 26 MPG. But it will loose about 20 hp. The 1UR will carry over mostly unchanged with a 5hp gain due to fine tuning intake and exhaust systems.
    • How's are you, Tank? Boosted your Daewoo yet?
  3. I really WISH Lexus Makes LSF I'm sure in my place (Middle East) everyone will be impressed Because people in her owns the (S63 - S65 & the BMW-760 & the Audi A8)
  4. As much as I love the LS... Lexus needs a all new model. The 2014 Merc S Class looks killer inside and out. Lexus cant keep the LS in this classic style for too or it will be outclassed.