Carsguide Reviews the Lexus RX 270

Lexus RX 270

Australian website Carsguide has reviewed the Lexus RX 270, the 2.7L four-cylinder variant that’s only available in select markets.

Bottom line: “…the Lexus RX270 is all you really need”.

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  1. The problem is luxury cars have absolutely nothing to do with "needs". If luxury cars were about fulfilling "needs", Rav4s would be luxury cars. Do you "want" to pay $40k for a 4-banger? If you do, you're probably a poser, a badge -hore...... BD
    • That's right! And the price difference is so small.. The 2.7L always struggles to move this. I've driven the RX270 The 3.5L is perfect and much smoother, more powerful and effortless. You also achieve better MPG with the 3.5L V6, which is why Toyota dropped the 2.7L from the Sienna minivan, now its only available with that nice 3.5L V6
  2. MT

    Hmm. Where I live you can buy an S-class with a "4-banger". So there are people that pay 100k€ for that. Not all of them are badge-whores!!!
  3. Another review I did for Carsguide of the Lexus RX270 is here...