Website Update & Assorted Announcements

Lexus Enthusiast

First off, let me welcome you to the latest edition of the Lexus Enthusiast website! It’s a minor update with a few design tweaks, but should improve the reading experience for everyone.

(If things don’t look quite right, please empty your cache and refresh your browser.)

Along with the website refresh, I have another announcement — I’ve temporarily relocated to California until the middle of April.

I’m here to work as a consultant on a project at Team One, Lexus USA’s advertising agency. As you might expect, I’m limited by what I can say, but the project isn’t directly related to this website or its readers — instead, I’m acting as editor of a new collection of Lexus stories.

While nothing will change here on the website, I will be bringing on someone to help with the workload — newcomer Matthew Wong from Australia will be assisting me with moderating comments and chipping in with the occasional news story.

(I have a couple other things planned while here in Los Angeles — more about that shortly.)


  1. Conglaturations!
  2. Congrats! Hopefully we will still get all the exciting rumors!
  3. Excellent news Kevin...Congrats!
  4. Congrats! And by the way, where did you get that IS picture? I want it for my background but that one is too small!
  5. Domo arigato......Hai! BD
  6. Will you still be cheering for the Leafs?!? lol. Best wishes! 
  7. Congratz California is better than Canada
  8. Team One is a huge contributor to the awesome image of the Lexus brand we know!
  9. Fantastic Kevin !    Lexus is moving in so many directions that are vital to it's growth.....Congratulations !   You do a great job !