Driving Footage of the Lexus IS 300h & IS 250

Another video of the Lexus IS 300h F SPORT & IS 250 has surfaced (accompanied by some questionable music):

The IS looks great on the road — won’t be long until we see them everywhere.


  1. This video has to be made in Japan! They do some funky stuff sometimes!
  2. And it's true... Soon, they'll be EVERYWHERE!
  3. What the H-E double hockey sticks...that music is awful...  Looks good non the less 
  4. Yes that music was painful. My question, when the hell do we get to hear this thing?
  5. Yes, that music was painful. My question, when the hell do we get to hear this thing?
  6. Lexus goes Porn!!
  7. LOL. I just downloaded this song. 
  8. I just hate the center stack at 1:04 they took that temperature off a camry...
    • Lol what? U can't be serious; but just in case! No Toyota or Other Lexus vehicle have slide touch sensitive temperature controls... 2012 Camry uses rotating nobs and if your talking about the heated seated controller the Lexus its a button on the Camry its a wheel hot or cold wheel and if u don t believe me compare them side by side an find one thing that are the came on the Camry and the 2014 badass IS
    • It's in one of the Toyota cars. I saw it on one of the reviews. It's there.
    • Im not sure I like the center stack either...  it seems EXTREMELY cramped and cluttered in design. Everything seems small and pushed together. Hopfully this changes in person.
  9. This car is all kinds of pretty. I can't wait to see it on the road.
  10. So.... am I suposed to drive the car or have sex with it? xD
  11. Yes everywhere indeed But I seriously prefer the beige interior over black
    • It would be nice if it was at least an option to have the beige lower dash of old too - help brighten the interior - but I guess thats anti-sporty. Should at least get options on luxury versions. Have yet to see alternatives on any of the illustrations/videos.
  12. When are we getting a convertible version, can't wait!
  13. It loosk good from far away... but im not sure if im in love with this design... its just something I dont like about it but at the same time I find it attractive?  Its the boldest yet out of the new Lexus design.