Imagining a Next-Generation Lexus IS F Coupe & Sedan

Motor Report asked photochopper Theophilus Chin to try his hand at creating a next-generation Lexus IS F in both coupe & sedan formats:

Lexus IS F Coupe Rendering Front

Lexus IS F Coupe Rendering Rear

Motor Report also speculates on what might power the next IS F:

Lexus is also yet to confirm what direction the new model will take in terms of power source, but reports suggest that the next model could follow the lead of the upcoming BMW M3/M4 models in dropping to a six-cylinder, forced-induction unit.

A twin-turbo version of the IS 350’s 3.5 litre V6 would likely reduce fuel use, and offer outputs well beyond the current model.

It’s always possible that Lexus will switch up the engine, but I would be surprised by a twin-turbo V6, especially when the 5.0L V8 in the current model gives the IS F a character of its own — better to improve on the current V8 and where it can go in terms of power & efficiency.

[Source: Motor Report]


  1. 3JZ-GTE and call it a day.  a JZ engine with today's technology would probably OWN all.  
    • There is no such thing as JZ technology. Toyota's old engine codes had 'J' stand for header that is intended for performance (the other one being 'F' for economy) and Z is intended for it being a dual overhead cam. Using your analogy, there are lots of engines over the last 30 years that were 'JZ technology'. Case in point, 2JZ is an outdated engine and way past its prime. The turbo lag on 2JZ was atrocious and could not be fixed unless two smaller sequential turboes were used. It was a very low compression engine that could handle a lot of boost primarily because it had an iron block, but modern engines are all built out of aluminum in order to reduce the weight of the engine and there is no manufacturer that would ever go back to iron blocks simply because it is primitive engine building.
    • Actually the "G" is the performance header. The "JZ" is the engine family. Here's another one that doesn't follow the logic you outlined. A lot of the modern Toyota engines are DOHC like the ones I've listed. The 5M-GE = 5th series "M" = engine family with "G" = Performance wide-angle valve , "E" = Electronic Fuel Injection. The 2JZ-GTE = 2nd series "JZ" = engine family with "G" =Performance wide-angle valve, "T" = Turbocharged, "E" = Electronic Fuel Injection The 1JZ-FSE = 1st series "JZ" = engine family with "F" = Economy narrow-angle valve, "SE" = Direct Injection
    • For the records, VW still uses cast iron block for the 2.0L TFSI.
    •  Just because the 2J is primitive .. that doesnt make it less good. Im pretty sure the 2jz has some qualities over new engines. Plus im sure theres new engine shouldnt hand almost 2000 hp. 2jz <3
    • Yes, sure that is your own personal preferences. It is just another primitive turbo engine that can handle a lot of boost. The E46 M3 3.2 Liter inline 6 with cast iron block has done just as well with the 1000 HP horsepower freaks turbo kit and it handles the boost exceptionally well. The IS-F V8 is an amazing engine and Lexus needs to build up the V8 more for the next generation and it will be a winner.The point I was trying to make was from a realist stand point. Other than the fact that the 2JZ had a cast iron bottom end and low compression with pistons that can handle good amount of boost, there was nothing better about it compared to the engine. The headers having been co-developed with Yamaha had the typical Yamaha high flow characteristics.The engine has one of the worst and terrible turbo lag where it takes forever to spool up unless it has a sequential small twin turbo setup which in BPU setup only gives about MAX 450 HP. It is way too heavy due to being a cast iron design, the throttle response is non existent.Fact is, I am only re-iterating what Toyota had said in the past that the 2JZ engine is way past its prime and too outdated so they would never consider using a similar design in a modern engine.
    • MD

      I agree talking about the 2JZ is like talking about a BMW M3 looking to put a design of the engine from the E36 generation. It just does not work that way. The IS-F V8 is a masterpiece engine. One of the best modern engines Toyota ever built. I would even say only the Lexus LFA engine is a better engine (which arguably is the best Toyota/Lexus engine ever made) than the IS-F 5.0 Liter V8. No other current Toyota/Lexus engine holds a candle to the IS-F V8. Lexus needs to stick to this gem of an engine for the IS-F. 
  2. The big V8 will never be an efficient engine.  But it's so low volume, it doesn't need to be for CAFE considerations. The V6 is not compatible with manual transmissions.  The V8 is unknown.  The M3 will have a manual transmission.   450 HP will be the going rate in this class by 2015..... BD
  3. 450HP will also be possible with a supercharged 3.5L V6. It will have much sharper throttle response than a turbo setup. 
  4. I hope they keep the stacked quad exhaust, it looks different from the pack and unique.
  5. F Sport model is already looks aggressive so..... the F model should be something that's look extremly aggressive! The should kept NA V8, but retune or reengineer it for 450+ hp and more fuel efficient and it would be great if they make it as a high revving V8 engine :D
    • You can't have more power from the V8, higher revs, and more efficient.   It already has 8 gears.  Lexus is all out of efficiency tricks, at least for that engine..... BD
    • But do you really need more power from that engine? I think that engine as you say has peaked engineering wise.. But if Lexus could reduce the weight of the engine and the weight of the car it would improve performance & efficiency. My friend with a stock ISF is doing 0-60 in 4.2 seconds
  6. Tom

    How much you want to bet this is the new body style of the LS series when they step up and produce the LS 490 ? Tom
    • I'm sure that some of the lines and flow of this  generation IS will follow into the LS. Really looking forward to a sleek and longer looking LS with an even longer wheelbase than the current "L" version. The 2013 LS looks great and makes such a stronger presence on the road all lit up with confidence showing the refresh it just received.
  7. Or they could just use the BMW M3 engine...
  8. hmm that rendering actually looks decent...
  9. Joe

    These renderings are awesome imho !  
  10. Very nice renderings! Engine-wise my hope lies with KERS-technology.
  11. Be ready to be "surprised" Krew
  12. The new IS-F will be amazing outside and in. The one thing that worries me is under the bonnet. Tech gadgetry interior/exterior will be cute, but useless if the power doesn't resemble M3's C63 AMG's. This is the target competition and if you fall short of that power range. Just fkc off! Seriously, it will be inexcusable to make an IS-F that has -50hp less than the two aforementioned models. No compromises in that regards. #inexcusable 
  13. As much as I'd like to see the RC-F (coupe) and IS-F (sedan) tandem, I don't see Lexus making both. I only see an RC-F happening. Until a production version of the LC-LF occurs, the next performance F model will be Lexus mark on the competition. So I agree, it can't be less powerful than the M3, C63 AMG, or Audi RS5. But in order to compete it will also have to be a coupe, as all the aforementioned models are coupes for the latest model years. I didn't make a mistake saying RS5, the RS4 is only a wagon as of late.  To back this up, spyshots of "prototype" IS-F seen at nurburgring in last year have been in coupe paneling. No there is no better way to sneak a RC-F than using previous IS-F panels mixed with IS-C. =)
  14. I'm still waiting on a GS-F appearance. I think Lexus needs to do some more staff hiring. A devoted team of engineers for the "F vehicles;" treat it like a brand within the brand like all the competition. This would decrease the waiting periods if these cars could go into simultaneous development.
  15. Lexus needs to have Yamaha design all there engines for the entire Lexus lineup rather than have the same engine from a Toyota...
  16. Love those rims! 
  17. Solid! Give me one like that and ill take it! Cant wait to see the real deal!
  18. The Lf-cc wil have a 500 hp hybrid drivetrain. Would that be cool with an eight speed auto......
  19. MT

    My bet for the engine: There is no turbo engine in the upcoming IS-F. The V8 will be tuned for an adittional 5 hp and 6 pound-feet of torque and thats it. 
    • You're being too optimistic. The V8 will be carried over unchanged. That's how Lexus does business which can be seen in the IS and GS.
  20. V6 3.5-liter Twin Turbo with 6MT is my hope .