Imagining a Next-Generation Lexus IS F Coupe & Sedan

Motor Report asked photochopper Theophilus Chin to try his hand at creating a next-generation Lexus IS F in both coupe & sedan formats:

Lexus IS F Coupe Rendering Front
Lexus IS F Coupe Rendering Rear

Motor Report also speculates on what might power the next IS F:

Lexus is also yet to confirm what direction the new model will take in terms of power source, but reports suggest that the next model could follow the lead of the upcoming BMW M3/M4 models in dropping to a six-cylinder, forced-induction unit.

A twin-turbo version of the IS 350’s 3.5 litre V6 would likely reduce fuel use, and offer outputs well beyond the current model.

It’s always possible that Lexus will switch up the engine, but I would be surprised by a twin-turbo V6, especially when the 5.0L V8 in the current model gives the IS F a character of its own — better to improve on the current V8 and where it can go in terms of power & efficiency.

[Source: Motor Report]