Inside the Lexus Color Studio

Lexus Color Design

Lexus Magazine has an inside look at the Lexus Color Design Studio, where (predictably) new Lexus paint colors are developed:

“In simple terms, our main challenge is to use color to bring out and maximize a car’s character,” explains Yoichiro Kitamura (left), who heads up the Lexus Color Design Department. “That takes us right into the psychology of color, and how we can use depth and clarity to accentuate the shape and size of the vehicle.”

Creating a Lexus color is more involved than holding a swatch up to the light and taking a vote. The color-development process takes between two and three years, and is a collaboration between Japan, the U.S., and Europe. Throughout the process, input comes from Lexus engineers, salespeople, and customers.

The latest colors coming out the studio have been great additions to the Lexus exterior paint choices — Sonic Silver/Liquid Platinum, Ultra White & Starlight Black in particular have stood out.

This also leads to an interesting question — what colors would you like to see in the Lexus color palette?

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