Inside the Lexus Color Studio

Lexus Color Design

Lexus Magazine has an inside look at the Lexus Color Design Studio, where (predictably) new Lexus paint colors are developed:

“In simple terms, our main challenge is to use color to bring out and maximize a car’s character,” explains Yoichiro Kitamura (left), who heads up the Lexus Color Design Department. “That takes us right into the psychology of color, and how we can use depth and clarity to accentuate the shape and size of the vehicle.”

Creating a Lexus color is more involved than holding a swatch up to the light and taking a vote. The color-development process takes between two and three years, and is a collaboration between Japan, the U.S., and Europe. Throughout the process, input comes from Lexus engineers, salespeople, and customers.

The latest colors coming out the studio have been great additions to the Lexus exterior paint choices — Sonic Silver/Liquid Platinum, Ultra White & Starlight Black in particular have stood out.

This also leads to an interesting question — what colors would you like to see in the Lexus color palette?

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  1. A dark metallic blue is always cool. BD
  2. Lexus needs to bring back the spectra ultra mica blue from the GS around late 90s if i'm not mistaken... That was a awesome color that wasn't too popular for some odd reason.  I guess people don't like good looking cars :p
  3. Technically they are already Lexus colors, but I think some of the LFA's beautiful colors should trickle down into the line up. Not the crazy ones, but like pearl blue, pearl red, lapis lazuli, and matte black. On another note, at the Detroit auto show I saw the Germans coming out with spectacular matte like finishes for their performance models. 
    • I agree LFA had some great color choices. Pearl Blue and Black Amethyst and Steel Grey. Matte is very hard to care for. However the LS should have an individual program like the LFA too.
  4. I would really like to see a matte grey for the new IS with a rich burnt orange interior and matte black wheels. SNAP!
  5. The colours are already nice. What's more frustraiting is that You cannot order F Sport with bamboo interior for example. That is the Lexus huge mistake comparing with competitors
  6. Let's call it what it is. Lexus sells sparkly light blue, sparkly white, plain white, sparkly black, sparkly brown and in some models sparkly red and a dark blue. In a word... Boring colors. Lexus isn't the kind of brand that's going to put out neon green or bright orange vehicles, but I sure wouldn't mind seeing them be a little less conservative and giving some options for colors that are a bit more adventurous. With Lexus's recent strides in modernizing body style, why can't we see some progression in color choices, too?
  7. My complaint isn't really the lack of color choices but being forced to pick certain colors with certain packages. It would be nice if you could buy, or even special order, a car with any color/package combo you wanted. That's basically what Mercedes and BMW do. I don't understand why Lexus is so picky about which colors are used with different packages. 
  8. a nice sporty pearl blue, not too dark but not too bright
  9. GGG

    Starfire Pearl
  10. Pearl White Lexus seem to be the most popular color around here..
  11. The chameleon-like Opaline Pearl sported different looks depending on amount of light hitting it.  Also great for dusty climates in southwest.
  12. Would like to see Bamboo pearl - from the RX 330 come back