Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear Love Letter to the Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA Jeremy Clarkson

Less than an hour before the Lexus LFA makes its second appearance on the Top Gear TV show, Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear Magazine article on the Lexus supercar has shown up on German Car Forum — here’s a quote:

I love the LFA a lot. So much, that I recently described it as the best car I’ve ever driven.

Naturally, this caused both [Richard] Hammond & [James] May to scoff loudly. Mainly because — as they kept pointing out — it costs £359,590. That’s nearly five times more than a Nissan GT-R which, if anything, is even more technical. It’s way more, too, than a Ferrari 458 or a Merc SLS. It is, they argued, a stupid price.

But they’re wrong. Arguing that the LFA is too expensive is like arguing that, at £100 billion, the Mona Lisa is too expensive.

Jeremy Clarkson Lexus LFA

The full article was also uploaded by a good samaritan:

The Lexus LFA will also be appearing on tonight’s Top Gear episode, where it will go against an Aston Martin Vanquish and a SRT Viper — looking forward to it.

[Source: Top Gear Magazine via German Car Forum]