Official Photos & Video of the Updated Lexus HS 250h

Japan-Only Lexus HS 250h

The updated Lexus HS 250h has been released in Japan — let’s start with the official launch video:

Along with the video, there’s a collection of new photos on the Lexus Japan website:

Now that the initial shock of the HS’s restyled front-end has worn off and I’ve seen the full car in video, I’m reminded of why this model did not have much success in North America — I have my doubts anyone would choose the HS over the smaller CT or the larger ES.

[Source: Lexus Japan]


  1. Yeah... Americans don't like too many options. Besides, this car was a niche of a niche - unnecessary now that it wasn't a hit in the states. I wish Lexus would put all its efforts into making variants of certain models instead. Then again, this HSh did have many compromises for efficiency and roominess. Then again... the new ESh is so much more efficient. I wonder if they updated the powertrain of the HSh. Now I'm rambling on TLE again.
  2. Eww. I'm glad this is staying in Japan. 
  3. The part of this car that they do need to keep here is the engine & offer it in the CT.They wouldn't have to worry about the CT & HS stealing market share from each other now that the HS has been discontinued here.Then again,this move may be moot...maybe the turbo 4 for the CT in 2015?
  4. If this had the current 200HP hybrid engine, I'd prefer it over the CT. But Lexus doesn't need 3 hybrids under $40k BD
  5. I must say the front end is beautiful and almost mini LS like in design. When you see the interior and back end, is evident that America would reject it and call it Carolla like in design.  I do think that with that front end and a make over of the back end and dash, this car might have had a better chance at surviving.   The line up now is better without it.....better yet to come.
  6. Damn, I got an hard one in my pants after seeing this video..
  7. MT

    It still uses the 2AZ-FXE. No changes under the hood says the japanese Lexus website.
  8. The grill is one of the best yet... all these new grills make the GS grill look half assed  !   This car looks good inside and out.
  9. JB

    Love the new styling but back end remains bland. Wish it were offered in N.A. but would have to be priced midway between the CT and ESh for me to consider trading in my CT. 
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  10. Maybe if they'd gone with a different body style,liftback or wagon,there would've been a niche for it.
  11. CT needs a major overhaul with new drive train and design. If they hit the mark it would be an enormous cash cow. Right now 2 friends of mine have been test driving it back and forth from a few Lexy dealership. They can't seem to pull the trigger cause they always find something missing. After seeing the new CLA from MB, which imho i think it's butt ugly. Them two are looking towards that direction. Hurry Lexus get this CT some much needed plastic surgery before you lose two future buyers. Just so I'm not too off topic. HS, is L O L, they made a huge mistake bringing that over here.
  12. They should of did the update and then, if that did work, they should of stopped it!