Canadian Government Invests in Lexus Cambridge Plant Expansion

The Canadian & Ontario governments will be investing $34 million to help Lexus upgrade its Cambridge plant to expand output and introduce the production of the RX 450h:

Toyota announced last July that it will invest more than C$100 million to expand Lexus production in Canada. The government funds will add to this investment.

The expansion will increase Lexus manufacturing capacity by 30,000 vehicles to 104,000 units annually, including 15,000 Lexus RX450h hybrid electric vehicles, and create 400 new jobs at the Cambridge plant.

The Canadian Cambridge plant is the only factory outside of Japan that produces Lexus vehicles, and the RX 450h will be the first hybrid ever built in Canada. Expanded output is expected to start in early 2014.

[Source: Reuters Canada]

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  • J
    James Duncan
  • January 25, 2013
Now, if only Lexus didn't limit option choices and charge Canadians 10% more for the vehicles, and about double for PDI than they do Americans. With the government (read Canadians') money it looks like we now subsidize Toyota in three ways!
  • B
  • January 25, 2013
I guess Lexus selling 95k RX in the US last year wasn't enough to meet demand. The People want more Lexus RX! BD
  • B
  • January 26, 2013
I wonder what Obama thinks of this?