Lexus Hater Likes the 2014 IS F SPORT

2014 Lexus IS F SPORT

When Jalopnik writer and self-professed “Lexus Hater” Raphael Orlove saw the 2014 Lexus IS F SPORT at the Detroit auto show, he was surprised by his own reaction.

Key quote: “So now I kind of trust Lexus to build a sharp-handling, aggressive sports sedan.”

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  1. When Haters are prevented from hating their intended, they are only left with hating themselves..... BD
  2. I sure the big offices at BMW scratching their heads with sleepless night thinking about this lexus IS. This car is bound to take over the market especially in the US. Everybody knows, once the customers go lexus, they never go back. BMW MERC knows that
  3. When haters love it, some lovers hate it.
  4. The haters are really coming out in full force now because deep down they know this is going to be BIG......the makeover that LEXUS is taking will propell them into oblivian......the US sales crown will be on going......LEXUS WILL WIN !
  5. I really hate this whole Lexus hater crap .. these people who hate on Lexus hate on them for what reason because they make the best safest cars , cars that will get your money worth in the long run.. Cars that real people want to buy... People claim how boring Lexus design is now they update their cars with bold new design.. People still complains the grille ugly all Lexus cars look a like.. And anyone out there can't say Lexus cars come in small medium or large.. Look at Audi they been had the same design for 10years now there A4 looks like an A8 can't say that with the IS and LS.. MB also keep using the same design over and over... Look at the CLA its a CLS its a E class coupe/convertible not to mention its an A class there is not one recycled vehicle in Lexus line up.. Look at CAR AND DRIVER how they treated the GS or yahoo taking about how LEXUS USE FAKE METAL AND CHEAP PLASTIC..OR HOW I HEAR REVIEWERS LIKE MOTOR TRENT CALLING THE ES A JUST A CAMRY.. to be honest when people call it that I love it because real people know how great the Camry is and that's why thþy have they been in a Bmw or Audi or MB all these people feel threaten by LEXUS towards there favorite car companies
    • mfc

      I know...totally agree with you! People always say the ES is a tarted up Camry or the RX is just a fancier Highlander.  But GM is the worst for this! ....You can literally take off a door panel off a Caddy and put it on a Chevy and it will fit right in place and you won't even noticed the difference.  Lexus designs their cars to look totally different from their Toyotas. They may share the same engine and components...but at least they aren't like GM being lazy and just smack on a different logo on the grill thinking customers will not noticed the difference.  Look at the Sunfire, Cavaliers, Cruzes, G6s, Tahoes, Escalades...and Motor Trend still have the nerve to say the ES is still a Camry...pleasee give me a break... 
    • Plus....if you had switched the lexus logo in the front and put on a Caddy logo on it instead...everyone would be jumping for joy how good a job GM is doing.... it's pure bias towards Lexus and Toyota.... 
  6. Car still NEEDS a manual.  No excuse for that. But Lexus is on a righteous path..... BD