Lexus Enthusiast Holiday Giveaway!

Lexus Keychain Front

With the holiday season fast approaching, I have some Lexus carbon fiber keychains to give away. The front is perfect for engraving, and here’s a look at the flip side:

Lexus Keychain Back

Winners will be randomly selected, good luck to everyone!

Update: Contest is now closed, thank you to everyone that entered!


  1. Love it, hook me up.
  2. I should have asked the Lexus people to give me an extra one. They didn't seem to mind, but the engravers thought otherwise. I would love to sign up, but considering that I already have one of my own, I probably shouldn't be so selfish. Anyways, this is very nice of you, Krew! It's an awesome, durable gift that you can show off anytime, anywhere! Plus, it swivels, so it doesn't feel awkward in your pants.
  3. Very nice!...Does it come with an LFA key?...Just asking...& kidding of coarse!Merry Christmas from my family to yours & to everybody else on this site!
  4. I'm bursting with excitement. (no sarcasm)
  5. I once sent a letter to Lexus' offices in Torrence like 15 years ago, just about their cars, and giving them feedback. They sent me a beautiful Lexus Pen and Letter Opener Box Package. I guess it was their way of encouraging me to write them more, but I never did write them again..... BD
  6. Just put in my entry!
  7. what is this site's email?
  8. Even this tiny piece of carbon fiber is crafted with an incredible precision. I love Lexus.