New Lexus RX F SPORT Video from Japan

Lexus Japan has released a new promotional video for the 2013 RX F SPORT:

This video actually brings up an interesting point — in North America, the new 2013 LS 460 is the only non-hybrid offered with three bulb LED headlights, but it’s an available option on both the GS 350 & RX 350 in Japan.

Is it time for LED headlights to be offered across the North American Lexus lineup, hybrid or not?


  1. the next biggest thing for the RX as least would be a panorama roof. than i will trade in my '06 RX for the new one 
  2. yes the LED should be an option regardless if it's hybrid or not.  They make the car look awesome
  3. To me all they did with the RX F-Sport is tune up the suspension and change it a bit, imo it doesn't really justify the price they charge for it vs the base RX. No doubt it handles better but it is just missing something.
  4. I have suggested this be the case across the Lexus line up before in my comments before to the LEXUS website comment site.....this would further distinguish LEXUS styling immediately with the Spindle grill and L-Finess traits.  I think yes !   Regardless of what engine variant size or price. The other thing I want to see is the LED tail lights on the lower end products to  be equally nice as the higher priced versions and  above the German counterparts.
  5. In Canada where I live, the F-Sport is a one-package vehicle which does not allow you to add any option such as the parking assist sensors, blind spot monitor and upgraded leather seat.  My wife and I would have wanted the F-Sport version but we had to settle for a regular RX350 with the aforementioned options because we cannot get them in the F-Sport.  What a bumme!!