National Post: Next-Generation Lexus IS F SPORT Preview

Next-Generation Lexus IS prototype

Graeme Fletcher from The National Post has driven the next-generation Lexus IS prototype, and provides a very detailed account of the experience on the autocross course.

(The review also confirms that the wheelbase has grown 70mm, with overall length extended 75mm.)

Read the National Post preview of the Next IS


  1. so is250 is 6 speed still, phew, won't make me cry as much as ive only owned my is250 f sport for 6 months lol. thought it'd all be 8 speed throughout the entire range
    • Do you get smoked by alot of cars often in your 250?
    • Not at all on mountain roads =p i know the straightline performance isnt all that great but is350s are not avaliable in where i live
    • I had a 250 couldnt bear it anymore with the 204hp always had to drive with the pedal to the floor :), wanted to upgrade to a 350 but dealer wanted wayyy too much
    • I have to say the is250 is much restrictedby te uneager transmission that doesnt like high revs, it just keeps shifting gears to stay below 2000rpmso ur never going to get enough grunt without being in manual mode pulling down a few gears
    • The IS250 isn't bad.. Acceleration is pretty bad.. But once going there is no difference between IS250 & IS350
  2. But is there throttle blip in Sport+ mode?
  3. mr2

    Daylights integreted in a front bumper like in lf-cc...
  4. Sales will go up.  It will sell the 4k a month or so it's supposed to, but it won't be great until it gets a better base motor and a manual. BD
  5. I can already say it is my favorite in class. The LFA has injected soul into the entire Lexus range. I just wonder why Lexus doesn't give the IS 350 the Modelister supercharger, found in the Toyota Mark X? It makes 360 PS. That would beat the M335i and S4 even on straight line.
  6. I'm gettin a little concerned we have not heard anything about an ISF!! I thought for sure they would have done a true GSF by now. Sad :(
    • This is not surprising in the least. I have said this before, I have a feeling that we will no longer see an IS-F. Bare with my theory here, why would Lexus continue to offer a 4-door (4 passenger) model, considering they have a confirmed RC model spanning between the IS and GS. The Germans, have all moved on to strickly coupes, with this years 2013 models being strictly the c63 AMG black series coupe, M3 coupe, RS5 Coupe/Cabriolet (In the US at least). Audi is the only one continuing to offer a 4 door performance sedan, and its an Avant version (In Europe).  Therefore, with the confirmed upcoming new RC model also based on LF-CC, this is where I believe we will see an F version (RC-F). Another thing that leads me to believe this, is that all of the "believed" testing mules for next-gen IS-F at nurburgring have been in modified IS-C body panels.  With that being said, I think we will have to wait and see until more information about the RC model is released and when production versions will be unveiled. Don't you think an RC-F headlining the unveiling of Lexus first real coupe model since the retired-SC would bring attention to the brand in a significant way. If you had the money and opportunity to purchase an IS-F or RC-F, I have a feeling the majority of people would say RC-F. 
    • I personally would go for the ISF. I'm not a coupe guy unless its a supercar of course, but I see where your going with this. I've been holding out on not purchasing the current model ISF to wait for the 3rd gen ISF. Guess i'm off to LEXUS!
    • Because those cars are different animals. There's no reason to hold back the release of the IS or GS just to release a car that targets a specific market. Those cars will be released once they're ready.