Carsguide Drives the 2014 Lexus IS Prototype

2014 Lexus IS Prototype

Paul Gover from Carsguide also had a test drive in the the next-generation Lexus IS prototype:

The IS250 is immediately quieter than I remember – Furuyama confirms big cuts to wind and road noise – and the eight-speed auto is great. As the road turns twisty the IS responds in the way I used to expect from a BMW. It responds eagerly to the wheel and drives confidently through turns.

The IS350 is not as precise – with an extra 30 kilograms in the nose – but the extra punch makes any short straight a fun run. I also enjoy the LF-A-style instruments and the multi-mode automatic, which responds almost like a manual in the sportiest setting.

So I’m convinced. These are real driving cars for people who take their motoring seriously, but they also have the sort of practical improvements that are essential for the long-flawed IS. 

Paul also notes changes to the rear seating:

2014 Lexus IS Interior

The cabin space is a huge improvement with better-shaped front seats. The wheelbase is out by 75 millimetres but there is 90 more in the back-seat space, and even the door opening has been enlarged for easier access. The view from the back bench is also helped by front seats that are set 20 millimetres lower, although that was done to improve comfort in the front. Oh, and the boot is about 20 per cent larger.

There’s a video included with the review, but I was unable to get it working — more next-generation IS reviews on the way.

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