Interview with Lexus LF-LC Exterior Designer Edward Lee

Lexus LF-LC Designer Edward Lee

In an interview with Car Advice, Lexus LF-LC exterior designer Edward Lee shared some details about the future of Lexus design and his own past as a designer for Audi — here’s a quote from the article:

“For me, because of my background starting from a company like Audi with that history, I love making that sort of same designs over and over again and perfecting what has already been perfected.”

Comparing the design language and mission of a brand like Audi to Lexus, Mr Lee said the difference is considerable.

“Audi design is looking for something that is new two percent of the time and 98 percent of the time it’s about brand identity and refinement, where as Lexus is the complete opposite of that. We are looking for something new, fresh new ideas and we don’t try to hammer it so much to the point where we are losing the emotional aspect of our design.”

It’s always interesting to hear the path that car designers take, and reading the reasoning behind Lee’s jump from Audi to Lexus makes sense — this is a period of change for Lexus design, and there’s a real opportunity to create something new.

Great interview all round — the quote above is only a small sample and it’s definitely worth reading the full article.

Read the Car Advice Interview with LF-LC Designer Edward Lee


  1. Nice article! Sorry for getting side tracked,but on the note of Lexus sports cars,I just watched a teaser video of an episode that National Geographic is doing on super car mega factories.Not only did they choose to do their first episode in Japan on the GT-R instead of the LFA,(a later episode perhaps & maybe they're saving the best for last?)but @ the 1:38 mark they show a GT-R driving over a highway over pass & the sewing machine noise the GT-R normally makes was replaced with the LFA's sound track.I watched(& listened)twice to be sure!I'm p!$$#%!
  2. Sewing Machine Noise!:/
    • That's the term other publications use however,you're missing the point.THEY SHOWED A PICTURE OF A GT-R DRIVING AND MAKING AN LFA SOUND!Other parts of the clip had LFA sounds mixed in with the GT-R sounds also.You can watch it your self as I did @ don't hate the GT-R,I think it's a great car for it's targeted audiance.I just don't agree with this video throwing in extra sounds stolen from other cars to enhance their appeal.