More Spy Shots of the Next-Generation 2014 Lexus IS

Next Generation Lexus IS Camouflage

More spy photos of the next-generation Lexus IS have been released, this time by the folks over at gMotors.

The IS continues to wear the headache-inducing swirl wrap, but appears to be shedding other parts of its camouflage — this photo in particular shows the LF-CC influence with the swooping line that carries through the rear wheel:

Lexus IS Next Generation Rear

Compare that with the LF-CC concept:

Lexus LF-CC Rear Quarter

Elements of the LF-CC can even be seen in the trunk deck and the rear shoulder — despite having two extra doors, the new IS looks to share many of the coupe concept’s characteristics.

View more photos of the camouflaged Lexus IS (Thanks Andrus!)


  1. I think that this model need to be replaced with the new restyle. The most important thing is the exterior the general lines, but not being very closer to the GS, ES, LS, so maybe a bit different. In the interior I think is going to be much more important the design of the central consolle and, the design of seats. The air diffusors must be not circular, so in this case are better in the CT... I would like to see this model in our streets soon!
    • "Replaced with the new restyle"?! Huh? It's at totally new car!!
    • Yes, I know that's why I said "I think that this model need to be replaced with the new restyle". Why? What I mean? I wanted to say that the present model is a bit old and the GS, ES and LS are totally new models and IS not yet.
    • The LS is not new and is due to be replaced within next 13-25 months. It's a significant update, but still a placeholder until the 5th generation model is ready.
  2. Now only the grill remains mysterious.  All elements revealed including the tail light.
  3. Not feeling the side windows on this new gen, the current gen is absolute beauty. Hopefully it doesn't look that bad when its revealed.
  4. hmm the front seems ok but the rear seems to be a bit "fat" imo hope they can really pull this one off. The front reminds m a bit of the the old passat. Wheres the spindle?
    • "Where is the spindle?" It would be on the very front of the car, where the grille sits. You know," spindle grille"? It's under the camouflage wrap.
  5. I would like to see more aggressive angles on the hood (similar to LS), but maybe this will appear on a F or F-Sport model. The small wheels, and lack of rear exhausts hint hybrid model, which wouldn't be surprising as hybrids are entering majority of the Lexus lineup. Look forward to seeing this if it does infact debut in Detroit. Out of all the new models, I've been anxiously awaiting the IS the most (and of course now a coupe version RC). 
  6. REALLY REALLY NOT liking those small wheels with huge tires on this car... lord why so tiny ???   Does lexus not know wheel and tire package also help the look of the car. Also im not feelin the rear end from these pics the rear bumper seems to be really tall.
  7. Just my thoughts: If the new IS looks close to the LF-CC concept and there will be no IS coupe, but an all-new RC, what is/was the purpose of the LF-CC ? More and more, I believe that the LC-CC concept is based on the new IS and not vice versa. As I understood, the RC will be positioned between the IS and the GS. And because the LF-CC looks too much as the new IS, will there follow a new RC concept ? And what about a coupe, positioned between the GS and the LS, maybe the SC ?
    • Just like the LF-Gh, LF-Ch, the LF-CC was probably based on the production model of the vehicle like you are saying.  The RC likely won't be available for another year or two. Which is unfortunate for buyers who were expecting a coupe version of next-gen IS. As for a coupe between the GS and LS, this is up to if Lexus thinks it will be profitable. I assume the numbers from the RC will judge whether this will be done or not. Lexus has previously said they would like to make a GS-F type coupe, but only if they sell a certain numbers of GS's. This coupe could be called the SC, and the designation LC could go to a coupe version of the LS which would lay between the LS and LFA.
    • Yes, I actually realized that moments after photos were shown back in mid-September. That was because I found that the LF-CC had rectangular headlamps, as opposed to the sharp triangular ones I first saw in January(and recently in patent and spy photos) on the IS prototype teaser. Too many journalists ignorantly assume that every concept car "inspires" a production model or is "watered-down", when that is simply not the case here. It is vice-versa, except in the case of the LFA and the LF-LC. The LF-CC is inspired by the original design concept of both the IS and the RC. The LF concepts are sometimes exotic versions of the original winning design competition proposal. Most of the cars we see go through many design stages, that one really can't trust what a journalist says. A design being chosen basically means that a rough or radical version of it will still be refined. Basically a barren, doorless, sparsely detailed pre-engineered clay model. A frozen design is one that is truly final and identical to the engineered production model. Details such as headlight & taillight cluster are usually added, as well as doors & door handles.
    • You presumption is likely correct and makes plenty of sense. An RC that bridges the IS and GS, an SC comeback between the GS and LS. The LC designation for a model above the LS is likely going to be a given, as the hindrance I see is the Land Cruiser and not much of anything else. The LC is likely a replacement for the LFA.
    • the RC will basically be an IS coupe, but it will not carry the IS name. the same is being done with the BMW 4 series. i would also love to see the SC name come back with a coupe slotted between the GS and LS. and a new supercar could be called LC.
    • Thank as I said that so many times, but it fell on deaf ears. I've studied and learned how automotive corporations operate their product design. Lexus generally previews production models in a thinly veiled manner via LF concepts. Once you see the LF concepts, they are generally several months old and are generally intertwined with a production design that preceded it. It is 100% certain that LF concepts are designed well after the production design they preview is frozen. Patents prove that theory for me, as it isn't surprising to 2007-2009 design legal references on something like the 2013 GS, as it was designed in 2009. The LF-Gh Concept began development in the fall of 2010, being finished in February 2011.  The 2014 IS was designed in 2010 and actually discarded, which is why we saw mules in early October 2010. 18 months later on April 16th of this year, they resurfaced again as a new design which was frozen in 2011. The LF-CC began development about 9 months ago, well after the IS was finished, so it definitely is based on both the IS and the RC. The RC being scheduled for debut in 2014, would've been designed this year or in late 2011. It likely shares similarities with the IS sedan, which is why the LF-CC is amalgamation of the IS and RC. The RC itself will be an amalgamation of the IS and GS.
    • OK, I can follow you. But I believe more that 2013 will be THE year for the new IS, 2014 for the NX and 2015 for the RC. Why the NX first ? The NX is far more important for Lexus than the RC, especially in Europe. Lexus missed the "smaller SUV" boat a couple of years ago and they know it. Anyway, exciting times are coming for Lexus, us and all those service centers :-) There's clearly a new wind blowing in Lexus, and I like it.
  8. Some more pics i found not sure if it has already been linked
  9. The current gen IS250/IS350 looks so nice and luxury elements design scheme. For an 8yrs old car it looks super good!